Engineering Health

Rediscover Your Best Self

Are you at the top of your professional game but feel like your body is playing by another set of rules? You're not alone. The challenges of hormonal imbalances, stubborn weight, and gut health issues such as IBS or IBD can seem insurmountable to many like you. But what if the solution was not to simply cover the symptoms, but to find and heal the root cause and revolutionize the approach to your health?

Why I Chose to Heal

My journey into health engineering began at a pivotal moment—the loss of my grandmother, a dedicated doctor who spent her last years bedridden. This profound loss transformed my life’s path, steering me towards a mission to heal, nourish, and renew not just myself but also others.

By the age of 37, I had reversed my own PCOS, hypothyroidism, and high cholesterol through meticulous changes in diet and movement. I didn't stop there; I've rejuvenated my biological age by a decade, turning back the clock to reclaim my vitality.

Engineering Health: A Personalized Solution for Your Wellness

As a seasoned biohacker and functional nutrition coach, I’ve created a comprehensive, epigenetic approach to help you reverse lifestyle diseases and heal gut-related ailments at their roots. Through ‘Engineering Health,’ you will discover advanced diagnostics and personalized strategies to decipher and heal the root cause that slowing you down. 

What I Offer:

  • Personalized Nutritional Blueprint: Customized dietary plans based on detailed blood work and self-analysis to pinpoint and address deficiencies and imbalances.
  • Movement as Medicine: Targeted movement regimes that enhance metabolic health, reduce inflammation, and boost hormonal balance.
  • Continuous Support & Guidance: One-on-one sessions to ensure you remain on track, informed, and motivated throughout your health transformation journey.
  • Collaborative Research Insights: Utilizing findings from my continuous research and partnerships with esteemed institutions, I integrate the latest in health sciences for your personalized wellness plan.

Who This Is For?

Are you a working professional experiencing:

  • Energy Declines? Feel invigorated and energetic once again.
  • Stubborn Weight? Achieve and maintain your ideal weight through metabolic rebalancing.
  • Hormonal Imbalances? Restore your hormonal harmony naturally.
  • Gut Health Issues? Heal and fortify your digestive system comprehensively.

Ready to Heal?

Embark on your path to optimal health and an enhanced health span. Connect with me now to start your personalized journey to heal, nourish, and renew. 

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  • Kiran M

    "After years of battling with IBS & fatigue, I finally feel like myself again. Thanks to Tanya, I not only understand my body better but have also seen dramatic improvements in my health & energy levels." - Kiran M

  • Dinesh

    "Transforming my diet & exercise routine as per Tanya’'s guidance not only helped with my weight but also with my sleep & mood. I haven’t felt this good in years!" - Dr. Dinesh

  • Supriya G

    "Before I met Tanya, I was overwhelmed by health advice that seemed more generic than applicable. Suffering from severe hormonal imbalances made each day unpredictable. Now, I feel more energetic, balanced, and in control than ever before. Tanya doesn’t just heal; she empowers." - Supriya G

Your New Chapter Begins Here

It’s time to stop settling for quick fixes that only address the symptoms. With a scientific approach to personal wellness, you can start living every day to its fullest. Let’s heal, nourish, and renew your life, together.