About Me

My journey as a Biohacker is not just about change, it's about transformation. At the age of 36, a profound loss reshaped my path. My grandmother, a dedicated doctor, was confined to her bed in her final years. Witnessing her suffer through what could possibly have been preventable ailments struck a deep chord within me. This pivotal moment steered me towards a newfound purpose: to harness the power of epigenetics and functional nutrition to heal and to prevent rather than to treat symptoms superficially.

As I transitioned into the realm of functional nutrition and healing, I began self-experimenting with different diet theories, movement practices, and lifestyle changes that could influence genetic expression — the core of epigenetics. My experimentation was not in vain; I successfully reversed my own PCOS, hypothyroidism, and even reduced my biological age, showcasing the profound effects of bio-individual health strategies.

Today, I stand before you not only as a Functional Nutrition Coach and Founder of The Biohackers Co. but as a living testimony to the wonders of root cause healing. My certifications from prestigious institutions like iThrive Academy, and the International Sports Sciences Association are not just credentials, but tools that equip me to join hands with experts from the world of science to create solutions that will empower you to transform your life, just as I transformed mine.

What Drives Me?

Empowering you to take charge of their health and wellbeing.