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Discovery Call with Tanya Malik

Discovery Call with Tanya Malik

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Discover a holistic approach to wellness with Tanya

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Tanya Malik is a Biohacker, Functional Nutrition Coach, & Founder of The Biohackers Co. Driven by a passion to build a healthier world, she is working on functional medicine-based solutions to support your health journey. Whether you're looking to reverse lifestyle ailments like PCOS, Thyroid, Insulin resistance, Metabolic Syndrome, or Chronic Inflammation or working on achieving athletic performance and increased healthspan, this is the right place to be. Get on a consultation call with Tanya Malik to begin your journey. 

What to expect from the call?

This is a detailed health Discovery Session. A 45-minute one-on-one session with Tanya. This can be either in person or over a Zoom call. This session will delve into your lifestyle, dietary habits, sleep patterns, current health status, and desired health goals. Based on the discovery you will receive a recommended list of tests and blood work, if any, nutrition framework to create your diet, functional movement guidance, and supplementation framework to achieve your health goals.
This call is a two-way street, to make it very effective so keep all your questions ready.

Note: It's best to keep all your blood reports from recent tests ready for the discussion. 

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